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Supported Living

Safeplace Properties believes disabled people should have choice and control over where, how and whom they live with, and who should provide them with the support they need to do this.


Supported Living separates housing and support so each solution is unique to the individual tenant. We source and secure good quality homes, while the right general social, domiciliary or floating care and support is provided by care provider organisations.


This can look different for different people. For example, it might be:


Living in a place that is rented through an assured or unassured short.


Hold tenancy; this might be a joint or an individual tenancy, in shared or self-contained accommodation.


Living in an owned property, either outright or as shared ownership.


In terms of support, tenants might have all their support paid for have a mixture of paid-for support and informal or “natural” support from family, friends and/or community support.


In terms of support, tenants might not have any paid-for support, but some “natural” support.


In terms of support, tenants might have set up supported living from scratch, by planning for and getting your housing and support as they have designed it.


In terms of support, tenants might have moved into an existing service – some accommodation with support that had a vacancy.

Create your independent living.
Tell us about your requirements.

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